Tips for honeymoon planning

 A honeymoon is a special holiday that is spent with spouse for the first time after the wedding with a lot of expectations. So, let us see the tips for honeymoon planning.

Honeymoon Planning

You should plan your honeymoon well in advance to make yourself comfortable and spend a quality holiday without any tension.

Below are 5 reasons why you need to plan your honeymoon in advance.

1. To keep the planning out of other wedding tensions

We will have loads of work for the wedding from choosing the venue, designing & printing the invites and inviting the guests and the lists go on. Since all these tasks will be nearer to the wedding date, it is suggested to plan the honeymoon before these tasks, once the dates are fixed. This will help the honeymoon planning to be tension free and you have more time.

2. More time for exchange of thoughts

You will have pretty good time to discuss with each other about the likes and dislikes if you start planning in advance. You can come to know each other’s preferences and both can look-out for the best honeymoon destinations of mutual interests, otherwise, the holiday will be of more tailored to his/her preferences which will definitely not be an excellent holiday. So, discuss with your spouse before you book the services for a perfect honeymoon.

3. Enjoy cheaper airfares

When you book your air tickets 90 days in advance, you can enjoy cheaper airfares compared to the air tickets booked a month or so before your departure. You can save money on airfare and spend it on hotel and activities in the destination.

4. Get a confirmed booking in top resorts

When you book your holiday in advance, you can have your booking confirmed in exotic resorts where the rooms usually get sold-out nearer to check-in in the top honeymoon destinations. Most of the premium resorts will be sold out in peak season and obtaining a room nearer to the travel dates would be either near to impossible or highly priced.

5. Complete utilization of your honeymoon budget

Wedding expenses may become costly at unexpected moments and you have to shell out for the 4-hour ceremony rather than spending on your honeymoon. The honeymoon is once in a lifetime experience and you need to be careful where you are spending. “You are not just paying for a trip, you are paying for an experience and a lifetime of memories“. So, to avoid any last minute expenses, it is better to book your holiday in advance and utilize your honeymoon budget completely.
Plan in advance & travel with peace of mind!!
A honeymoon is an opportunity to connect with one another and lose yourselves in blissful romance. May the time you share be memorable in every way!
Happy traveling 🙂 🙂