Courtallam – The Spa of South India


Courtallam is the seasonal waterfalls located on the Western Ghats in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. Situated at an altitude of 160m from the sea level. Few seasonal and perennial rivers originate from here. Courtallam falls are located in the scenic atmosphere. The beautiful views guide us to Agasthiyarmalai. The season for this waterfalls is during the South West monsoon of India that is between June and September. South West monsoon brings good water flow to these rocks and the climate being breezy or drizzling throughout the season. If there are heavy rains in the parts of Kerala, then the waterfalls might get flooded and people will be barred from having a shower in this waterfall.

Cluster of waterfalls

Courtallam is the region that has a cluster of waterfalls. Some of them are

  • Main falls
  • Old falls
  • Chitaruvi
  • Five falls
  • Shenbagadevi falls
  • Honeyfalls
  • Tiger falls
  • Pazhathotta aruvi

Main Falls

The main falls or the main falls is the major waterfalls in Courtallam. It is a large waterfall with arrangements made for public to have shower in the waterfalls. The water falls from the 60m high rock.

Old Courtallam Falls

The old Courtallam falls was the major falls during yesteryear and still people visit this falls after visiting the main falls


Chitaruvi is the small falls in the region where the water flow will be very less making it less crowded waterfalls.

Five Falls

Five falls is nothing, but it has five separate cascades of water from this waterfalls.

Shenbagadevi Falls

The water to this falls flows through the Shenbaga trees (Champak trees in English), hence the name.

Honey Falls

Honey falls (Thenaruvi) is a 40m high and cascading between two larges stones. In this region big honeycombs are seen and hence the name to this waterfalls. Access to this waterfalls is only through trekking and is restricted for general public.

Tiger Falls

This is a modified falls which makes it easier for the children to take shower and enjoy at less heights. It is believed that in the earlier times, tigers rest in the rocks near this and hence the name for this falls.

Pazhathotta aruvi

This waterfalls gets its name as Pazhathotta aruvi since the water to this falls flows down beneath the orchard. This waterfall is also called as orchard falls. Only VIPs are allowed to visit this waterfalls.

Other places of interest


Government boathouse is present in Courtallam where tourist can enjoy boating. The best time is between June and September of every year during the South West monsoon.

Eco Park

There is an eco park near the Five falls of Courtallam. It is a 37 acre park established in 2012. The park was established with the prime objective of creating awareness of conserving the rich biodiversity of the Western Ghats and its delicate ecosystem. A flower show has been started recently to attract more visitors.


There is a small aquarium near the main falls which has been added recently to add value to the waterfall destination.

Gundar dam

Gundar dam is located near Courtallam. It is one of the beautiful dams in TamilNadu. It is better to add a visit to this dam while visiting Courtallam.

Nearby attractions


Papanasam is




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